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Why A Wedding Ring?

Did you ever wonder just why you’ve spend hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on a wedding ring?  Why a Ring?  Why not a Car… or some other fashionable (and useful) gift?

The Wedding Ring?

There are thousands of years behind the symbolism of the wedding ring, it’s something very traditional that even the most modern, trendy and non-traditional couples love to include in their wedding ceremony.  You may have heard a minister, rabbi or officiant at a wedding describe the significance of the circular shape – because the ring is a complete circle, this shows your no beginning, no end love and commitment to your marriage partner.

It is most often believed that the ancient Egyptians were the first culture to introduce the wedding ring.   The Romans followed the Egyptian tradition – and so do many of us – of putting the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand.  The reason this finer was chosen, your ring finger, is because the ancients medical practitioners believed this finger has a vein that leader directly to the heart.

Many officiants will include a short story of the significance of the eternal wedding rings, and you may have a ‘blessing of the rings’ or something similar in your culture or family.  Ask your parents or grandparents the story behind their rings, and what they remember of putting it on for the first time at the altar.

The wedding ring is not a legal part of a wedding ceremony and you may choose to give each other something else, but most still have enjoyed the giving and wearing of wedding rings for a long time!

My sister uses our late grandmother’s wedding band as her own. You may want to buy new, or you may find there is one available to you in the family that has sentimental meaning that will add even more love to your story.

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