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Wedding Thank You Cards - Saying Thank You to Your Wedding Guests

You had the most amazing day of your life: Your wedding Day!  You’ve also received some of the most amazing wedding gifts:  “What you’ve always wanted… Cash!!!”

Wedding Thank You Cards

And so now it’s time to say “THANKS!”  With all your boards, pins, websites, magazine cut outs, apps and notes-to-self, here is one that you really, really don’t want to miss.  Be sure to have your photographer make a note of this, and have a ‘thank you’ banner or sign ready.  If your wedding is ‘shabby chic’ then fancy calligraphy on cardboard will do nicely.  If your theme is country, then on a wooden board will be perfect, or for a fancy hotel, have it on heavy cream card in gold or black.

One of the best things about your wedding thank you cards is that according to etiquette, you have six months to get these to your guests! If it were me, I would do two things: firstly, I would have our names and the date put onto the photo, and secondly, I would put a photograph inside all the Christmas cards that were due to go out: two birds, one stone (OK, a little tacky… but not shabby!  And of course it does help the budget!).

One thing that does need to be included is a very specific ‘thank you for ______________’ unless it was a cash gift (Not cool to mention the actual dollar amount, but you may want to share where or what you spent the money on).  If your aunt gave you a photo frame, you need to thank her for that particularly.  If your cousins pooled together and gave you  a cash amount, say $500, then the wording would be ‘thank you for your generous gift, we really appreciate it!’ or something to that effect.  Don’t use the word ‘money’ if you can help it, you both know what you mean.

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