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Maid of Honour Speech

If you’re the Maid of Honour and you’ve been asked to share a toast or a speech at the wedding reception, like most people, you’re either scared to death or looking to have too much to drink before hand, hoping you’ll never remember it (and possibly the guests won’t either)!  May we suggest both fear and drunk won’t really help!

Here’s a few ideas that may help you in at least in the beginnings of your notes.  If you’re not used to speaking in front of crowds, it would be wise to write out, word for word what you want to say, and then causally practice speaking it, perhaps alone or with a friend.  Don’t be afraid to share a humorous story or two, a special experience the two of you shared, but be careful, “What happens in Vegas… Stays in Vegas!”

Maid of Honour Speech

Not many people like to hear long and boring speeches.  Maybe insomniacs, but I can’t think of anyone else.  When you are asked to do a speech as the Maid of Honour, look to include the following in a short and sweet way:

  • Introducing yourself and your relationship to the bride “my cousin, my mum _________ is sister to her mum ___________”, we met in Grade 4 at Central Elementary.  There’s no need to go into every detail.  You know each other well, otherwise you wouldn’t be this involved!
  • A funny story of the bride – the key word here is funny, not slightly hurtful, or any story involving the police, an ex-boyfriend or both!
  • Wishing the bride good luck or read a prayer or blessing
  • Raising the glasses for the toast – here you can get more meaningful and serious, but not overly sappy or sentimental.  Something along the lines of “to my best friend and the groom, Jennifer and John, may you live happily ever after”.

Most of all, just be yourself, enjoy the moment for you and of course for the bride.

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